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31/01/2017 9:30 am  

Hi Communications Folks!

I think it would be useful to email everyone who provided their email to SOMAAction a set of instructions about how to sign up for the forums.  For people who are not digital natives, or who do not regularly subscribe to discussion forums, it may not be intuitive how things are set up, how to subscribe, what happens once you subscribe, etc.

Matt, perhaps you could send me all the details about how the forums are set up, all the permissions, etc., and then I could write up a sheet of user-friendly instructions, aimed at non-technological folks, and then they could be distributed to the entire list?



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04/02/2017 7:00 am  

Dear Michelle - sorry for the delay on responding to this... honestly - we're figuring it our ourselves.  First and foremost this week was to get the site up, get it working (moderately).   I would be delighted for help with a write up - but would need to show you around.  Looks like Monday is spoken for - we're passing out flyers in the morning at the train and there's a march in the evening....   are you around on Tuesday?

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12/02/2017 11:05 pm  

Hi Michelle - thanks for volunteering to help, Matt and I have been talking about a user manual for committee leads for a little while but something for general users might be helpful too.

The thing is - I'm not sure it would save time to write it up for you so that you could write it up again (?)  Would you like to meet up at some point this week and have us show you?  Are you able to meet say, Thu or Fri during the day?  Matt, which of those work for you?




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