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13/03/2017 1:55 pm  

Hi Everyone,

Just to follow up on our get-together at Morrow Church yesterday: I'm now a subcommittee of one (I'm also the subcomm's chair) and since I have no fellow subcomm members I'm feeling the need to communicate with all members of our committee for removed link So far I've visited the Committee on Press Freedom's subpage: <a href=" removed link " target="true"> removed link  and I'll be drilling down in it and reporting removed link I'm also going to buttonhole my fellow professor at work who is a journalist teaching journalism courses and ask her for directions to go removed link Then I'll get going and report removed link

But first I'm going to my garage to make sure my show thrower is gassed up for tomorrow's removed link

Warm wishes,


Burt Kimmelman

9 Lancaster removed link , 07040


removed link




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