Sunday February 12th Meeting Notes  


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14/02/2017 11:00 am  

Hello Everyone,

It was great seeing all of you on Sunday. Once again the energy of this group is inspiring. 
During the meeting we broke up into two sub-group lead by Brian and Suzanne. Some of you may be getting this twice but I want to make sure everyone gets it at least once. I will also be posting on the SOMA Action website to be sure no one is missed. 
Suzanne, when you can please send the group a summary of your discussion points.
Anyone who wasn't able to make the meeting on Sunday please reach out to the subcommittee lead of your choice for action points.
Thank you,
From Brian Rose:

1- NJ Voting Election Results  (Brian Rose)


·        Research and compile NJ legislative general assembly and senate seats held by party, by legislative district, and margin of victory in the last election cycle.


·        Research and compile Federal Government House of Representatives and Senators elected to represent NJ.  Determine their election margins of victory by district.


·        Research other voter registration groups in NJ and if they are potential targets for us to team with for the 2017 NJ elections.


2- Cross-Check (Cathleen Mitchell)


·        Research and distribute to the group articles and information about broad cross-check initiatives nationwide and major states effected.

·        Gather key facts that quantify the impact of how cross-check impacted the vote in key swing states during the 2016 presidential election.


·        Research any PA/NJ cross-check proposals or initiatives.


3- NJ Voting Laws (Various)


·        Voter ID (Brian Saber):  Research what NJ voter ID laws have been proposed or enacted if any?


·        Voter Registration (Allison Shames / Holly Gauthier) :  Research who can lead voter registration sign-ups and required qualifications?


·        Absentee Laws (Barbara Rosen):  What are NJ Absentee ballot rules for each election cycle (presidential, mid-terms, state (senate and assembly) legislative districts, local elections, etc)? 


·        Poll Participant Training Requirements (Janis Zaveri)): Research voting poll participant training requirements?


·        Early Voting (Brian Saber): Research NJ early voting rules and legislative proposals to advance early voting initiatives.


4- NJ Primary Calendar / Voter Registration Deadline (Janis Zaveri)


·        Primary Elections:  Research and distribute to the group the 2017 primary elections calendar or key dates.


·        Voter Registration Deadline: Research the voter registration deadlines for NJ 2017 election. Are the same rules applied statewide or by district, county, or municipality?

Our next meeting is planned for Sunday February 26th at 2:00 pm at Morrow Church.  Once locked I will send the group a confirmation message. As we work to yield local and national election results that matter, feel free to pass along your research, articles, and other useful tidbits of information to the group by replying to all. 

Feel free to forward this message along to other SOMA Action members, who may be interested in helping support our goals. 

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16/02/2017 11:40 am  

Hello Group

I've just joined  this group after your last meeting.  I'm will liaise with the Political Action & SOMA Dems.  I have materials in regards to Crosscheck, Redistricting, etc that may be of help. I see Cathleen is point on Crosscheck but have not found here in the member's list.  

-- Some examples:  Brennan Center for Justice, via the NYU School of Law School has a trove of documents & info on Voter Rights/Issues.  Link here:   I've attached an example of their document showing Voter Restrictions by State in 2016.  Another document is their Citizens Guide to Redistricting based on the 2010 Census (its too large to attach here) but I have it available.   

-- Obama's former AG, Eric Holder, launched the National Democratic Redistricting Committee.  Starting hiring in Dec, but will rely on DGA and House Majority PAC for legwork.  If you want more information, or if you wish to join, link is here:



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