Some answers to the questions you may be asking…

How old is SOMA Action?

In the wake of of the 2016 elections, two similar groups in the South Orange and Maplewood area of New Jersey formed with the goal of channelling the community’s frustration and anger into progressive action. On Sunday, January 15th 2017, those groups merged to have their first meeting as SOMA Action.

The other answer to this question is “we’re the perfect age for you to get involved.” We’re established enough to have several standing committees, as well as the processes and systems needed to run an organization. We know how to get stuff done, and we’re known by other activist groups and elected officials across the state.

But we’re new enough to still be growing and charting our path. Which means if you’ve got energy and ideas, and/or a passion for a specific issue, there’s plenty of room for you to get involved and become a leader within the organization.

What are your goals and areas of focus?

In three words, our mission is to drive progressive change. We do that by mobilizing the residents of SOMA and surrounding communities, and channelling their immense knowledge and passion into effective action.

Sometimes that action involves turning out hundreds of people to rally for causes that matter to our community, or for pre-election canvassing.

Much of the heavy lifting gets done by our issue committees, which typically meet monthly, and have racked up some mighty accomplishments during the past few years. You can find descriptions of our committees and information on how to get involved on the “Committee Signup” page.

Who can join SOMA Action?

Anyone who wants to roll up their sleeves and join us in the hard work of fighting the ugliness and cruelty of this administration is welcome. Joining SOMA Action is as easy as signing up for our email list using the form on this page. But don’t just sign up…get involved! Pick a committee to join…attend our events…make a donation. The stakes have never been higher for our democracy, and we need every member of our community who cares about freedom and justice to join the fight in 2020 and beyond.