Contributions to SOMA Action help to further our mission to promote social justice, a healthy nation and planet, and a transparent and accountable government by raising awareness, providing education, and advocating for the dignity, rights, and welfare of all in our local communities and beyond.

As an all-volunteer organization, contributions to the organization go directly to SOMA Action’s direct actions and to promoting progressive causes and values.

For example, did you know?

  • Being able to pass out information at the train station has proved a very effective method for educating and rallying the public around issues affecting our local community.  As such, a typical photocopy run for the organization costs between $50 – $250.
  • Reserving a space for committee meetings, educational events or membership gatherings can run between $100 – $350/hr depending on the size of the group and our technology and seating needs.
  • Poster making supplies are usually $50 – $100 per rally for events like the Women’s March or the March for Our Lives.  Additional co-sponsorships for these events are an additional cost to ensure that we are a part of the planning and executive of NJ-based marches and large-scale rallies.
  • Being able to communicate to the membership will likely cost around $50 – $100/month in communication platform fees.

We know there are a lot of very worthy organizations reaching out for support during these trying times.  We hope you’ll consider a membership with SOMA Action to help us keep up with the important work that lays ahead.

As a 501(c)(4) organization, all donations are NOT tax deductible, but will help us advance our mission.

Sustaining members begin with a donation of $20.00 a year which contributes to operating expenses, but donations of all size are welcome.

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