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The SOMA Action Religious Justice Committee

The Religious Justice/ Fighting Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia Committee of SOMA Action is committed to advocating for the religious rights of all people, especially those who are most vulnerable under the Trump administration. This includes standing up for Muslims and Jews in our communities who may be the targets of intimidation, discrimination, hate crimes and other threats. It also appears that non-white non-Christians are at-risk in this administration.

Members of the Religious Action Committee are activists and allies concerned about the rights of all peoples, especially when it pertains to religious freedom and security. One of our goals is to build bridges with effective local organizations working in the area of interfaith understanding and religious justice and to offer support and action as needed. Our committee should reflect the religious diversity of our community and our diverse interests and issues. We commit to serve as allies to any who are threatened, and to stand with those who are victims of religious injustice.

Contact: Marcia Bloomberg

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